With each passing day, the world is getting aware of how beneficial honey is. This awareness has increased the consumption of raw honey. Also modern medical science these days says that consuming raw honey daily has a great impact on chronic diseases. Also, you should not neglect the fact that for a long time Ayurveda has made use of honey and it is beneficial from tip to toe of our body. Therefore it should be included in our diet. Still doubtful to give honey a try? Read till the end and you will surely be convinced.

What are the reasons to have raw honey daily?

Here are a few reasons that make raw honey ideal for daily consumption:

  • Raw Honey has ample nutrients. A tablespoon of honey has 64 calories and also 17 grams of sugar. Also, there are 1% traces of other vitamins and minerals. It also has plant bioactive compounds.
  • Raw Honey has a great amount of antioxidants:

Raw Honey is proven to be full of antioxidants, organic compounds and phenolic compounds like flavonoids. Having foods that have plentiful antioxidants can minimise the threat of a heart attack.

Jarrah Honey does less harm to diabetic people than sugar. It is also like to reduce bad cholesterol. Change sugar with honey in your daily life but with caution.

  • Raw Honey can curtail triglycerides:

High triglycerides levels can increase the risk of heart diseases. Therefore having can lower down its level.

  • Raw Honey aids wound healing:

Honey has been used for year’s used to heal wounds and soothe burns. Directly applying it on the spot will do the job.

  • Raw Honey can help treat cough:

Honey can be used as a natural treatment to cough for all above one year of age. And also shreds of evidence proved that many times it is more effective than cough syrup.

  • Raw Honey prevents acid reflux:

Studies have proven that honey can prevent acid reflux as it stops the upward movement of stomach acid and undigested food by coating the lining of the oesophagus. Honey is best to reduce acid reflux, heartburn and inflammation.


Raw Honey is called the Golden Nectar for some reason, right? It is immensely beneficial and used for food and medication purposes too. It is for sure that you must be convinced to have honey daily in your diet. Go and buy yourself a bottle of honey for your kitchen


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